Ten great podcasts for creatives

It’s official: I am a podcast addict. I usually listen to at least two a day: BBC or other comedy, and usually one instructional, such as social media, creative or business-orientated.

I have a podcatcher app on my android tablet, appropriately called Podcast Addict (it taps into the iTunes search engine, which is handy as I’m an i-free zone). Here are some of my favourites.

The Parish Counsel
Magnus Shaw and Terence Dackombe, broadcasters, journalists and media experts, are my lovely editors at The Rocking Vicar magazine. Their weekly podcast, The Parish Counsel, is a lively mix of news stories, industry chat, music, TV reviews, irreverent exchanges and a classy playlist, the Pretend iPod, added to each week (also available on Spotify under ‘Magnus Shaw’).

What Terence and Magnus don’t know about the music and media industry isn’t worth knowing, and their taste is non pareil. New episodes are available on Fridays: I listen every week, and strongly recommend you do too.

Accidental Creative
Todd Henry is a speaker, advisor and coach to creative professionals. In these short podcasts Henry encourages you to think around your practice: what motivates you, what encourages you to produce your best and, indeed, what might be holding you back.

Henry’s latest book, Die Empty, is all about going to your last knowing that you’ve created a great body of work – and by this he doesn’t necessarily mean your job, but a 360-degree approach to life. Be prepared for powerful messages to kick-start your world.

Get-it-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More
The QDT stable is a terrific source of information from experts in their field. Stever Robbins is an MBA-qualified executive coach who produces a short podcast each week on how to manage aspects of your life and business effectively and easily.

It’s just the right side of East Coast preppy without being annoying; Robbins is sufficiently self-aware and tongue-in-cheek to appeal, and gives great tips to get on with the essential stuff, so you’re freed up to get on with your life.

Microentrepreneur: The Magic of Thinking Small
Presented by Julie Hall, founder of Women Unlimited, this podcast is aimed at small businesspeople who are into their businesses but not empire building.

Microentrepreneurs face different challenges to larger businesses in running their operations – creatives are often sole traders or working in small partnerships – and this podcast broadcasts guest interviews on a variety of topics from working from home, to social media strategies and getting paid on time.

SCL: The Subject, Composition and Light Photography Podcast
Rob Nunn leads this podcast on photography, covering anything from taking better photos with your DSLR and white balance to asking: ‘Why are my photos drab?’ Nunn also deals with the artistic aspects of photography, talking about his own projects and creative process. Listeners will need some photographic knowledge to understand this broadcast, but it’s also a good one to check out if you’re taking a step up in your photography.

TED Talks
TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) has become iconic in the creative and tech worlds for talks which inspire, educate and inform. All the talks are no longer than 18 minutes, are given by leaders in their respective professions, and designed to make you think.

In the vast archive of TED talks you can find presentations and talks from social campaigners, journalists and writers to marketers, businesspeople, techies, scientists, academics and artists. It’s a positive treasure trove of stimulating ideas, and well worth tapping into.

Pencil Kings
Pencil Kings is aimed at artists in varied media: each week it broadcasts an interview with an artist who talks about their personal and professional journey; what they have done, and now do, to be an artist. Everyone comes to their practice in different ways, and learning how different kinds of artists have done it is both engaging and inspiring.

The podcast also deals with the business of art: for example, selling your work online and other income streams, which open up avenues for revenue apart from commissions, exhibition and educational work.

Create & Inspire
This podcast is a go-to for any aspiring or practising creative who is serious about showing and selling their work. In a series of quick tips, Aunia Kahn, owner of the Alexi Era Gallery, curator, artist, author and publisher, takes listeners through exactly what they need to be a successful creative.

Kahn talks about the internal stuff creatives need to deal with, as well as the business of art, and she’s no-nonsense and practical. If you want to know about getting into a gallery, securing a solo show, marketing your work and more, it’s essential listening, straight from the horse’s mouth.

DIY Author
Self-publishing is the medium du jour for budding authors wanting to bypass the hassle (and often heartbreak) of attempting to get a book deal. This series of podcasts tells you how to do it, from interviews with established commissioning editors and literary agents to ebook cover designs, editing and proofreading and marketing.

Great Lives
This BBC podcast, presented by Matthew Parris, is an intriguing programme because famous creatives advocate for the people who have kindled and motivated them in their own lives and work. Recent episodes have included major figures, from the civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel to the mathematician and computer scientist Ada Lovelace, the philosopher and mystic Kahlil Gibran to the author Ernest Hemingway, as well as contemporary stars such as musician James Brown and comedian and author Dave Allen.

Insight into the people behind the legends is provided by expert witnesses: biographers who delve into the lives and psychologies of these extraordinary human beings, and assess their legacies. There’s something in Great Lives for everyone, and an inspiring listen.

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